It appears that there are other belly fat books by Jorge Cruz as this one was a very short read and he kept referring the reader to check out his other books for some more information. Anyway this was still good enough and I picked up on some good information particularly from the interviews he has done with experts located at the end of the book.

Main Points

1. Weight gain is caused by excess carbohydrates and sugar so consume less than 120g of carbs and 16g of sugar daily.
2. Only count your carbs and sugar consumption not calories
3. A great snack is Dark Chocolate (75% and above) and Red Wine (Cabernet). Mmm I can imagine a combination of the two.

Lessons Learned

1. I now only eat whole foods not processed foods. My daily diet consists of legumes, vegetables, eggs, water and meat when the budget allows
2. I don’t eat wheat, sugar or dairy. One expert advised readers to stay away from foods made from flour and sugar.
3. Previously I thought I could eat as many vegetables and legumes as I wanted (following slow carb diet by tim Ferris) but I wasn’t losing weight. I think it may be because legumes and vegetables do have a lot of carbs so now I am counting the amount of carbs I eat even though the source is healthy
4. From one of the interviews I learned that I need to become the kind of woman that the kind of man I am looking for is interested in if I don’t want to end up alone at my 36 years of age 😊
5. There is a correlation between dishonesty and ill health. For optimum health be honest about who you are and what you have and you will live with less stress and ill health
6. No matter your financial situation keep your health insurance up to date


I think the book was good for me it was eye opening in terms of showing me how many carbs I was eating and that I need to reduce my carbs and increase my proteins. This may be challenging due to budgetary constraints but for the time being im eating a lot of eggs and omena to keep up my protein intake. I’ll come back with an update weekly to show if this diet works for me.