This was a very short and easy read just as the author had intended. It is intended for people that want to emulate the lifestyle of the traditionally rich American people and would be most useful for young people starting out e.g. 16 to 19 year olds. I do wish I had read, understood and applied it while I was younger but I still at my 36 years of age picked up a few useful titbits.


Firstly, the author highlights the 7 key values of old money people which are in order

1. Health,
2. Education,
3. Strong work ethic,
4. Etiquette and manners,
5. Financial independence,
6. Family and marriage,
7. Privacy.

Of these I have four as my core values but I will now prioritise all these to be my core values adding an eigth one
8. Spirituality.

Memorable quotes

1. Don’t sleep with men that aren’t gentlemen.
2. Financial Independence is being able to wake up every morning and do what you want to do.
3. Live simply and focus on being and doing more than spending and having.
4. Old Money is being an investor not a consumer
5. Live efficiently and quietly with joy, passion and excitement
6. To live within your means shows that you know yourself. There is no dignity as impressive as living within your means
7. If you only use something once a year or less think about why you are buying it.
8. Don’t buy furniture and household items at retail
9. Less Stuff More Room.
10. Plan for your children’s education even before they are born

Lessons Learned from the Book

1. Find a mentor
2. I currently have enough free time to discover what I enjoy doing both as a vocation and hobby. It would have been awesome to discover this earlier.
3. Prepare a will now and say what needs to be done with your property and body and also what to do in case of life support.
4. Dry brush my body
5. Mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick are sufficient makeup
6. Be calm when investment opportunities arise. If you miss out on this one another will surely come. I wish I knew this earlier before making some unfortunate investments
7. Old money people think very little about cars and don’t buy them new
8. Plan travel in advance and travel for the experience and to learn the culture
9. When choosing a home look at safety, affordability, cleanliness, and neighbourhood. Consider neighbourhood before the house itself better a substandard house in a nice neighbourhood than a nice house in a substandard neighbourhood
10. For décor display your hobbies e.g. for me it would be great movies, cities, books.


In summary the book was quite entertaining and enlightening but it would be extremely useful for younger people starting out as it would prevent them from making some costly investment mistakes.