How To Set Annual Goals On Your Birthday

Birthday Goal Setting 

Birthdays are a great time to carry out a life inventory and reflect on whether or not you are happy with the life you are living. If you are satisfied with your daily life then you can continue doing what you have been doing. However, if you are miserable, then you can change your life by making new goals that would lead you to the life you want.  

This October I turned 37. My 36th year was not pretty; I was unemployed, uninspired and depressed for most of it. Almost no area of my life was working. I am determined to have a better year and never again be in the dire straits I was in the last year. To get different results then, of course, I must do everything differently.  

I also came to the realization that I have never truly savored my life even when things were awesome. I went to college in Switzerland and the UK and looking back now those were awesome days but even then, I would still get depressed! I’ve wasted precious years not savoring my blessings and living my best life. The goal, therefore, is to enjoy every moment I am alive and make every day that I’m alive awesome by design.  

Goal Setting Process 

I used information from the 100-day challenge by Gary Ryan Blair, YouTuber Aaron Doughty, and Jon and Missy Butcher’s Lifebook to set goals for my 38th year. 

Jon and Missy Butcher suggest that you set goals in 12 areas of your life (Health and Fitness, your Intellectual Life, your Emotional Life, your Character, your Spiritual Life, your Love Relationships, Parenting, Social Life, Financial, Career, Quality of Life, and Life Vision). 

I set goals in all the 12 categories, but I focussed on three areas that need urgent attention: My Finances, My Career, and My Character. 

Goal Setting Steps 

During the process of setting goals, I used the below steps: 

  1. I went through all the 12 areas of the Lifebook and exposed and discounted the limiting beliefs I carry in each area (I will cover limiting beliefs in a different post).
  2. Next, I wrote down everything that I want in each life category. I was like a kid who believes anything is possible. When setting goals ask your inner child what they desire in each area. Write down your deepest desires.  
  3. Write your goal in a specific, measurable and time-bound language. e.g. “My goal is to bank 5000 dollars a month by March 1st, 2020” 
  4.  Ask yourself why you must achieve each goal. This is the purpose behind the vision. Why do I want that? What am I going to gain if I achieve that, and what am I going to lose if I don’t? Gary Blair states that purpose is important because it’s what makes you get up in the morning and do the work to change your life.  
  5. Write down your strategies to achieve each goal. I identified 5 action steps for each of my goals. 
  6. Finally, and this is the most important step, I thought about the version of me that has achieved these goals and I became that person. What time does the Kenyangal who makes $5000 a month wake up? What does she eat? How does she speak? Walk? Eat? etc.  

To achieve my goals, I have to be that person every day. I learned this from Aaron Doughty. Many people recommend acting as if you have achieved a goal. This is one step better: Being as if. 

Below is an example of how the final result would look like. These are my goals for my 38th Year. 

Kenyangal’s 38th Year Goals 

  1. I will easily bank 5000 dollars a month by February 28th, 2020 through my writing and business. 
  2. I will easily pray, meditate and read the bible daily. 
  3. I will easily socialize with a friend once a week and with family once a week 
  4. I will easily read and summarise one book a week 
  5. I will easily maintain a constant daily vibration of joy and love 
  6. I will easily weigh 69 kgs by September 30th, 2020 
  7. I will easily get engaged to my soulmate by December 31st, 2020 
  8. I will easily connect with my nieces and nephews once a week. 
  9. I will easily relocate to Canada by September 30th, 2020 

Who Must I Be Daily To Achieve My Goals? 

I am Mrs. MK (MK is the man I have a crush on and would love to marry 😊) these are the qualities I need to display daily to achieve my goals this year. 

1. I must be Prayerful and Spiritually Connected 

2. I must be Successful, Wealthy and Abundant 

3. I must be Fun, Playful and Joyful 

4. I must be Healthy, Fit and Beautiful 

5. I must be Loving, Generous, Compassionate, Forgiving 

6. I must be Righteous, Honest and always do the right thing 

7. I must be Fearless, Bold and Shameless 

9. I must be Committed and Persistent 

10. I must be Self-Controlled and Disciplined 

Well, A very Happy Birthday to me and may I achieve all I aim for this year.   

What are some of the goals you have and who are you being to achieve them? Let me know in the comments. 

I will also constantly update this post with my results.

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