Forgiveness: Could This Be The Hidden Stumbling Block To Your Manifestation Practice?

Why is it so hard to forgive?

When people wrong us or treat us unfairly, forgiveness is the furthest thing from our mind. It does not feel good to be taken advantage of and violated. It feels reasonable to hold on to grudges and resentment to punish whoever hurt us. But as you may have heard, holding resentment and anger and unforgiveness hurts us more than it hurts the person that hurt you. This is why Jesus asked us to forgive any wrongdoer seven times seventy-seven times. Nelson Mandela also said that unforgiveness is like swallowing poisoning and expecting the other person to die. 

So yes, the saints all agree that we must forgive. But why is forgiveness necessary for us normal people trying to make it in a cruel world? Keep reading to learn the reason why you must use forgiveness as a potent manifesting tool to achieve the life you desire.

What Forgiveness is and isn’t

First, let’s define what forgiveness means. The textbook definition for ‘forgive’ is to stop feeling angry or resentful towards (someone) for an offence, flaw, or mistake. That is all that is required to forgive. 

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that what the other person did was right. It doesn’t mean that you have to maintain a relationship with the person that wronged you. Additionally, it doesn’t mean that you can’t pursue legal and criminal proceedings if the person broke the law when they hurt you. Forgiveness is simply a tool that you use to release negative emotions that may be blocking you from manifesting your dream life. 

Why You Should Forgive

As a conscious manifestor, you cannot afford to delay your manifestations by holding on to negative emotions. Forgiveness allows you to release yourself from the incident and the person that hurt you. It allows you to move on with your life. Refusing to forgive is like choosing to relive the hurtful incident again and again. You are unable to move on to brighter and bigger things and remain stuck in the past. 

Do not sabotage your manifestations by holding on to resentments and unforgiveness. These negative thoughts and feelings will only attract more unjust experiences in your life that require forgiveness.

How To Forgive

If you are finding it hard to forgive, consider using this method.

1. Recall the incident and allow yourself to feel whatever feelings come up. You will probably feel hurt and angry. You may feel ashamed and embarrassed for the position you put yourself in.

2. Acknowledge the feelings. What do the feelings look and feel and smell like? Sit with the feelings and listen to what they are saying to you. There may be some meaningful lessons they are trying to teach you.

3. Once you acknowledge the feelings, they will start to feel less heavy and may start dissipating.

4. Go into a meditative state and imagine the person that hurt you sitting in front of you. Use a clearing technique to forgive them. One great one is simply telling them “I forgive you. Do you forgive me?” it doesn’t matter whether you feel like you did nothing wrong. 

Or you can use the hoopnoponopono technique and state “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.” This works well when trying to forgive a situation or forgive yourself. 

Release Judgement and Blame

Do you want a fast-track method to avoid forgiveness altogether? Release yourself from judgement and blame. If you never judge or blame others or yourself, you will never have to forgive yourself. Give people the benefit of the doubt that they are doing their best with what they have. If they knew better, they would do better. This doesn’t mean that you hang around broken people that will cause you harm/ Just don’t judge or blame them when they do something to you. Accept responsibility for your life and everything that happens in it. 

Final Word On Forgiveness

If you want to manifest a life full of joy, love and peace you have to embody those emotions in the present moment. Unforgiveness requires that you hold on to negative emotions like anger, hatred and resentfulness. This will only attract more negative situations in your life that cause you to feel more anger and hatred. So, forgiveness or letting go of anger and resentfulness is for your absolute benefit. Forgiveness leaves the hurtful incident in the past where it belongs and allows you to live a happier life in the present and future.

Can Dating A Younger Man Ever Work?

Can Dating A Younger Man Ever Work?

Let’s say you are being relentlessly pursued by a gorgeous and sweet guy who ticks most of your boxes. The only problem is that he is 10 years younger than you. Will you go ahead with the relationship or is dating a younger man a huge problem for you?

I have been there…compulsively searching google for any signs of hope that dating a younger man will work, finding lots of arguments both for and against it and wishing I could be one of the success stories. If you are confused about whether to date a younger man let me share with you what I believe is the best way to handle the situation.

Can Dating A Younger Man Ever Work?
Can Dating A Younger Man Ever Work?

Is It Ever A Good Idea To Date A Younger Man?

First of all, let us address the question of whether or not it’s okay to date a younger man. Well, legally as long as the guy is over the age of 18 then it is okay. What about ethically? gives a formula for calculating this. Divide your age by two and add 7; that is the minimum age for someone you can ethically date. For example, if you are 40 then the man needs to be 27 years or older.

Other than the legality and morality of it, is it worth risking your heart, time and energy to date a younger man? Well, I believe that life is short and when you find someone you have a deep connection with you should pursue the relationship. However, you need to get into it wisely, after having considered the points I bring up below.

Factors To Consider Before Dating A Younger Man

First of all, for you to successfully navigate a relationship with a younger man you need a great deal of self-awareness. Know who you are, what you want out of a relationship, where you are in life and where you are going. Additionally, take the time to know who your potential boyfriend is, where he is in life, where he is going and what he wants out of a relationship with you.

Being clear about these questions will eliminate 99% of the problems that come up with dating a younger man. Most of the time you will discover that your values and goals aren’t aligned. In that case, you will end the relationship before any significant investment of time and effort. A 40-year-old woman that is desperate to settle down and have children should not waste time dating a 25-year-old man that is living his best life without thoughts of being a father. The same man though would be the perfect partner for a 40-year-old woman that is seeking a fun experience with no strings attached.

Why Is Dating A Younger Man Better?

Dating a younger man can add fun, joy, and excitement to your life. Growing up in a different era gives him a different viewpoint of life to yours and opens you up to aspects of his generation that you and your agemates do not know about. While dating my younger guy I always knew which songs were hot and what the latest slang words meant, to the surprise of my friends.

You will also enjoy great and frequent sex with your man which can only be good for your physical and emotional health. Finally, you do get an ego boost from being in a relationship with a young man who finds you physically attractive and you find yourself doing your best to look great at all times.

Why Dating A Younger Man Is Hard Work

On the other hand, dating a younger man is hard work. First of all, relationships between older women and younger men are still not as socially accepted as older men dating younger women. Expect to get some resistance from his as well as your family and friends.

For this reason, one or both of you may keep the relationship a secret and neglect to introduce each other to your friends and relatives. Additionally, due to judgment, you may be shy to publicly display your affection which puts a damper on your relationship. Relationships are hard enough by nature but the lack of support of those closest to you won’t help matters.

Secondly, if the woman earns much more than the man there will likely be a strain in the relationship. Most men enjoy being the provider in a relationship and will find it hard if their woman is the breadwinner. Due to being further advanced in their careers most women in relationships with younger men end up being the financial provider.

Financial And Goal Disparity Create Problems When Dating A Younger Man

Another problem is that there is a greater chance of there being a disparity in your interests due to the generation gap. While you many enjoy evenings at home or quiet restaurants and lounges, he may like dive bars and loud clubs. Staying home on a weekend may be a slow death for him. You will probably hate hanging out with his wild group of friends and he won’t like your stuffy buddies either. The separate interests may lead you two to grow apart.

Finally, younger men and older women generally have different priorities and goals in life. Older women have goals like setting up their nest egg for retirement, some may be done with childbearing while others are seeking to have a child before their time runs out.

Younger men, on the other hand, want to sow their wild oats and squeeze as much fun as possible into their lives while some may desire to start a family. Compromises would have to be made for a relationship between two people with different priorities to work.

Unfortunately, for the above reasons, most relationships with significantly younger men do not work in the long term.

Can Dating A Younger Man Ever Work?
Can Dating A Younger Man Ever Work?

How to Date A Younger Man – Tips For Success

One of my favorite quotes is from Oprah – If you are in doubt then the answer is no. If you are already doubting the viability of your relationship, chances are high that it won’t work out. However, if you want to pursue a relationship with your younger beau below are some tips to make it as pain-free as possible.

1. Cut Your Losses Early

If one or both of you know that the situation-ship you are in is not your dream relationship its best to break up and continue the search for your dream partners. Staying together wastes both your time and keeps you away from your best life. Staying together also breed resentment which could unnecessarily turn you into enemies

Is the age difference your only compromise? Are you a perfect fit in all other areas? If from the get-go you are making too many compromises then its best to give up and move on.

2. Be Laid Back And Flexible If You Want To Date A Younger Man

While I find it impossible to lower my standards for such things as restaurants and hotels, you will need to be flexible and try out your guy’s suggestions for dates. He may want to do things outside your comfort zone like camping, hiking, clubbing or backpacking (eek).

To have a successful relationship you will need to be flexible and open to his suggestions. They will also have a lot of energy and want to take part in activities that you may not be interested in so don’t be overly possessive or jealous but give him the freedom to have these experiences by himself

3. Be Self-confident And Shameless If You Want To Date A Younger Man

A lot of people will question your relationship and want to make you feel small for dating a younger man. To succeed in such a relationship, you, therefore, need to be thick faced and not care about what others think of you.

You also have to be self-confident and know that you are worthy of a great relationship with whoever you choose. At the end of the day be shameless about what you want. Are you going to pursue your happiness or the approval of people that may not even care about you?

4. Be Yourself If You Want To Date A Younger Man

You may be tempted to change yourself to keep your younger man, for example by undergoing plastic surgery to look younger, changing your hobbies to fit more with his and so on. It is important not to lose yourself for the sake of a relationship. Stay true to who you are and those that love you will stay, it’s not worth it to sell yourself out just to keep a man and also it never works.

5. Have Clarity Around Your Dating And Relationship Goals

The two of you should have an honest discussion at the beginning of the relationship and frequently as the relationship progresses on what your goals and priorities in life are and if you are aligned or working towards different directions. Not being clear about your relationship goals may lead to resentment whereby one party or both parties feel used as their needs aren’t being met.

6. Seek Therapy 😊

I don’t want to be rude but there may be an underlying reason why a younger man is attracted to you and you need to dig deep and uncover any pathologies you may have. For me, it was that I felt not good enough and so I settled for less than I wanted because I felt that was all I could get. I am now working through that. Uncovering and addressing deep-seated issues that you have around relationships will make all your relationships better, including the one with your younger man.

Calling in The One By Katherine Woodward Thomas

Calling in “The One” By Katherine Woodward Thomas

I first bought Calling in The One 10 years ago when I was 27 and eager to settle down. It’s funny how back then I was already worried that I will end up single and unmarried unless I took drastic action. Cue the purchase of many programs and books in an attempt to meet and marry my soulmate. Well, I’m 37 and I still haven’t met and married my soulmate.

The truth is,  I didn’t really read the book back then… and I didn’t really do any of the programs designed to get me my soulmate. Katherine Woodward Thomas states at the beginning of this book that if you find yourself going months without finishing the program then you have to assess if a loving relationship is really something that you want. I guess back then I still had too many barriers to love. It took me 10 years to finally start and finish Calling in The One. When I had tried previously, I would hit a wall around week 3 of the program and give up.

What changed this time? I took a 100-day challenge to meet a few goals before my 37th birthday and one of the goals was to meet my soulmate. I committed to doing and finishing the program and I really did it. Maybe this time around I am really ready to meet and marry my soulmate. 

How Calling In The One Works

The book is divided into 49 lessons so that you do a lesson every day. She recommends that you carve out 30 minutes every morning to do so. There is the daily lesson reading followed by a practice and a bonus practice. The bonus practices can be done at a later day but this time around I was super committed, so I did both the practices and the bonus practices.

Calling in “The One” By Katherine Woodward Thomas
Will you call in the one in 49 days? This post reviews Calling in The One By Katherine Woodward Thomas.

Activities And Exercises

What kind of practices are you instructed to do in the book? They range from meditations, lots of journaling exercises and a few practical ones like asking someone directly for what you need, forgiving others and so on. I can be a bit lazy, so the meditation exercises were the most exciting for me. I had to push through the journaling exercises, but they were very valuable. I learned a lot about myself from them.

Does Calling In The One Work?

Well, I did complete the 7 weeks of the exercises and drumrolls, please… I didn’t meet and marry my soulmate. However, I am closer to doing so now than I have ever been. I came to realize how limited my view of love is and that I can practice showing love to my family and roommates as I get ready for my soulmate. I am more in touch with who I am and what I need to be happy. My boundaries are stronger.  

I believe the main aim of calling in the one is for the reader to identify the resistance they have towards loving relationships and marriage. For me, it is that I have been feeling I am not good enough and through the exercises in Calling in The One I have come to the realization that I am good enough, perfect even, for the love of my life. And until I am united with my soulmate, I will love myself unconditionally and create a life that lights me up.

The Top Lessons I Learned From The Book.

  1. Practice the love qualities you are seeking in your soulmate on those in your life already. For example, I want a kind and generous man, but I realized that I wasn’t very kind and generous to those already in my life. I have now been working on that. As Katherine says, the only thing missing in our lives is that which we ourselves are not giving.
  2. Give yourself what you want your soulmate to give you. In my case, I need to spoil and indulge myself the same way I expect my soulmate to spoil me. I am now getting used to being spoilt and proudly confess to being a spoilt woman.
  3. You are the only one that will always be with you so you have to give yourself some slack and love yourself unconditionally. From reading the book it is now very clear for me that I will always choose myself and love myself unconditionally. I fight for myself, prioritize my concern and am in my own corner. There is no way I will abandon myself ever again or put myself down in favor of someone else. I am loyal and committed to myself and listen to myself
  4. I am now very determined about setting and enforcing boundaries in order to protect myself.
  5. I have learned to shamelessly ask for what I want and state my position without caring what others think
Will you call in the one in 49 days? This post reviews Calling in The One By Katherine Woodward Thomas.
Will you call in the one in 49 days? This post reviews Calling in The One By Katherine Woodward Thomas.

Memorable Quotes From Calling In The One

  1. A person who wants to create a loving relationship in the near future behaves differently from a person who identifies themselves as being a failure in relationships
  2. We usually get what we anticipate.
  3. It is so important to have integrity with your word. It trains the universe. When we say one thing and then do another, say things that we don’t really mean, or consistently break our word to both others and ourselves, we profoundly diminish our capacity to create the lives that we are hoping to create.
  4. An important part of being marriageable is to be a maker; a person who cultivates a life of beauty, rich texture, and creative work.
  5. The healing and recovery for all addictive behaviors include learning to cultivate a discipline of telling the truth, first to oneself and then to others.
  6. Do you know who usually ends up with great people? Other great people.

In summary, if you want to get married in 7 weeks i.e. by the time you finish this book, I can’t promise that you will. Will the book prepare you to be a better lover? Yes Definitely. My life really is better as a result of reading the book so I would recommend it. Have you read the book? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Think Before You Think! Your Thoughts Have Consequences

Think Before You Think

Are you aware that every thought you think either takes you towards your goals or away from your goals? Every. Single. Thought. I was forced to learn this lesson after years of undisciplined thinking resulted in me losing confidence in my skills and abilities and finding myself in a financial black hole. This is after years of abundance created by undisciplined positive thinking (I was a happy child and teenager hence by default my thoughts were always cheery 🙂 )

Right now you are where your previous thoughts have brought you, and you’re headed where your current thoughts are taking you. If you want a better life than you are currently experiencing you will have to improve your thinking.  Upgrade your thinking for your next level.

Your Thoughts Betray You

How scary would it be if other people could see the thoughts that run through your head on a daily basis? Well here’s the thing, they can clearly see the results of the thoughts you have been thinking. For example, a poor person is displaying the results of negative and scarcity laden thoughts and an overweight person is displaying thoughts of laxity and indiscipline. Your life is as good as the dominating thoughts in your head. We may not be able to see your thoughts, but the evidence of your thoughts is out here for us to see.

Think Before You Think
Think Before You Think

Renew your mind – Think Differently

Knowing how important your thoughts are, you have to be very intentional about what you think. Choosing thoughts that empower you and propel you towards your goals is one of the easiest and most effective actions you can take to change your life. You have to be the one in charge of your thoughts. Don’t automatically think thoughts fed to you by your environment, i.e. friends and family, social media, traditional media e.t.c. Be deliberate about using your thinking to create the life you desire.

How can you do this?

  1. Read books by positive minds that will help change your thinking, for example the bible, biographies of people you admire and Self development books
  2. Surround yourself with positive people that are doing better than you. If everyone in your circle is more successful than you you will upgrade your thinking to their level
  3. Spend time visualizing about achieving your goals and living your ideal lifestyle
  4. Ask yourself empowering questions e.g. why do I want to achieve particular goals or how can achieve my desires
  5. Recite affirmations and prayers that build your faith and confidence.

Reverse the consequences of Negative Thinking

How can you reverse the effects of Negative and Undisciplined thinking? The good news is that starting right now you can begin creating a new life by thinking better thoughts.

  1. Decide to think as God told us to think, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
  2. Whenever you think a negative thought cancel it immediately by replacing it with a positive thought. For example, if you see a beautiful dress and a thought crosses your mind that you can’t afford it, replace it immediately by affirming what Joseph Murphy suggests: God is my instant and everlasting supply and I will get that dress by diving order. Each time a negative thought comes up you cancel it and they will start reducing in number.

Don’t take your thinking for granted, you are literally what you think.

How To Get Your Kenyan E-Passport Within 30 Days Or Less

What is the E-passport?

The Kenyan E-Passport is a new biometric passport that that contains the bearer’s biometric data in digital format. This digital information is registered with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) hence making tracking citizens easier for the world governments 😊.

It has been issued since September 2017 and replaces the old generation ones that will be phased out by March 1, 2020. The Epassport is light blue in colour and as an East African Community Passport it allows it’s bearer to travel visa free to Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

E-passport Kenya Deadline

Kenyans will be unable to travel using old passports from 1 September 2019 hence have to obtain the epassport before then. Many countries will probably stop issuing visas on old passports from January or February 2020.

How To Apply For The E-Passport

There are many horror stories about e-passport application hence I have been reluctant to apply for one. The looming deadline finally pushed me to apply this week and the process was not as painful as reported. I now realise that many people are horrible at following directions hence the issues coming up. Below is a step by step guide on how to apply for the E-Passport.

NOTE: the procedure below is for those that already have a passport. If you are making an application for a new passport you will need additional documents i.e. your birth certificate and copies of your parent’s id’s.

If you’ve never had a passport you might not be allowed to make an application at the moment (before August 31st 2019) unless you can prove that you urgently need to travel. Those with old generation passports are currently been given priority.

Additionally, if you have a lost or mutilated passport you will need additional documents i.e. sworn affidavit and police abstract for lost passports and written explanation in cases of mutilated passports. So, read up on your requirements.

Steps To Apply

The below is only for those that have an old generation passport that needs to be replaced.

1. First of all go to E-Citizen and read up on all the requirements for the E- Passport.

2. Scan the below documents and have them saved and ready to upload to E-Citizen
a. You ID Photocopy
b. Your Recommenders ID photocopy
c. Previous Passport Copy Last Page
d. Previous Passport Copy 2nd Last Page
e. Previous Passport Copy 3rd Last Page
f. Previous Passport Copy 4th Last Page
g. Marriage Certificate if married

3. Ensure you have the cash to pay for the application. For payments, once can choose between M-pesa, debit card, credit card or prepaid cards. I used M-pesa.

4. The E-passport Kenya prices or fees are below.

  • 32 Pages Ordinary “A” Series Kshs. 4,550
  • 48 pages Ordinary “B” Series Kshs. 6,050
  • 64 Pages Ordinary “C” Series Kshs. 7,550
  • East African Passport Kshs. 990
  • Diplomatic passport (48 page) Kshs 7,550
  • Mutilated Passport Kshs 10,050
  • Lost Passport Kshs 12,050

5. Go to E-Citizen and log in if you have an account or create an account if you don’t have one

6. Click on services: then click on immigration: then click in Passport application for adults or for children depending on your age.

7. Read the instructions on the application page then make the application online by filling in the ecitizen application form

8. Upload all the required documents

9. Make the payment

10. Print out the application form (1 Copy)

11. Print out the receipts (3 copies)

12. Take the application form to your recommender to sign

13. Do not write in or sign the application form. Just carry a pen with you and you will sign it on the day you submit it at Nyayo house.

E-Passport Requirements

14. Prepare the below documents for submission at Nyayo House or to whichever immigration office you are going to
a. An eCitizen pre-filled passport application form
b. Three copies of the E-citizen receipt or invoice.
c. Original birth certificate and photocopy. (actually they didn’t ask us for these but just carry it! Better safe than sorry)
d. Original National ID Card & a copy.
e. Three Current passport size photos.
f. Recommenders ID Card copy. (its not that serious, get another Kenyan that isn’t your relative to endorse you. What you will need is a copy of their ID)
g. Old passport for replacement plus copies of last three pages.
h. Parents National ID cards copies or Death Certificate if deceased. (this was also not asked for but just carry in case! Better safe than sorry)
i. For Lost case a Sworn affidavit and a police abstract are required
j. For Lost cases and Mutilated cases an explanation letter is required to explain the circumstances of the loss or mutilation

Please have all the required documents with you. Missing one will cost you time as you will have to go outside to make a copy or whatever and your ticket number will be skipped while you’re out there like the 5 foolish virgins

Procedure At Nyayo House When Submitting The Passport.

1. Arrive by 5am; they only serve the first 400-600 applicants so the earlier you get there the better. I got there by 5:30am and there were around 200 ladies ahead of me
2. Before you go through the security check you will stand in separate queues for men and women
3. Once you go through security check you will form one line inside nyayo house at which point you will be given ticket numbers. Those that don’t get a ticket number will be asked to come back another day
4. Once you get a ticket it is now a waiting game to see an immigration official to submit your documents and then to get your biometrics and picture taken. I got there at 5:30am, I saw an immigration official at 08:30 am and I was processed and out by 9:30am.
5. You will receive a message from E-Citizen saying your application has been received. Now you wait for your e-passport to come out.

E-passport Centres in Kenya

Currently you can make your application at centres in the below towns:

1. Nairobi
2. Kisumu
3. Mombasa
4. Nakuru
5. Embu
6. Kisii
7. Eldoret

E-Passport Application For Kenyan Diaspora

For those in the diaspora the below centres are open for passport applications

1. Berlin
2. Paris
3. London
4. Washington DC
5. Dubai
6. Johannesburg
7. Beijing

E-Passport Processing Time

For those replacing old passports the processing time for an epassport is about 10 days.

E-Passport Kenya Collection

Once your passport is ready you will receive a text advising you to go and collect it. I got my notification 6 weeks after I made the application. I then had to make a collection appointment online on E-Citizen. You will need to carry your ID, Old Passport and the receipt which was given to you when you made the application. I saw people still coming as early as 5am to pick up their passports because there are very long queues and you might wait for hours if you arrive late.

That’s all folks, easy and straightforward. Let me know in case of any questions.



This was a very short and easy read just as the author had intended. It is intended for people that want to emulate the lifestyle of the traditionally rich American people and would be most useful for young people starting out e.g. 16 to 19 year olds. I do wish I had read, understood and applied it while I was younger but I still at my 36 years of age picked up a few useful titbits.


Firstly, the author highlights the 7 key values of old money people which are in order

1. Health,
2. Education,
3. Strong work ethic,
4. Etiquette and manners,
5. Financial independence,
6. Family and marriage,
7. Privacy.

Of these I have four as my core values but I will now prioritise all these to be my core values adding an eigth one
8. Spirituality.

Memorable quotes

1. Don’t sleep with men that aren’t gentlemen.
2. Financial Independence is being able to wake up every morning and do what you want to do.
3. Live simply and focus on being and doing more than spending and having.
4. Old Money is being an investor not a consumer
5. Live efficiently and quietly with joy, passion and excitement
6. To live within your means shows that you know yourself. There is no dignity as impressive as living within your means
7. If you only use something once a year or less think about why you are buying it.
8. Don’t buy furniture and household items at retail
9. Less Stuff More Room.
10. Plan for your children’s education even before they are born

Lessons Learned from the Book

1. Find a mentor
2. I currently have enough free time to discover what I enjoy doing both as a vocation and hobby. It would have been awesome to discover this earlier.
3. Prepare a will now and say what needs to be done with your property and body and also what to do in case of life support.
4. Dry brush my body
5. Mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick are sufficient makeup
6. Be calm when investment opportunities arise. If you miss out on this one another will surely come. I wish I knew this earlier before making some unfortunate investments
7. Old money people think very little about cars and don’t buy them new
8. Plan travel in advance and travel for the experience and to learn the culture
9. When choosing a home look at safety, affordability, cleanliness, and neighbourhood. Consider neighbourhood before the house itself better a substandard house in a nice neighbourhood than a nice house in a substandard neighbourhood
10. For décor display your hobbies e.g. for me it would be great movies, cities, books.


In summary the book was quite entertaining and enlightening but it would be extremely useful for younger people starting out as it would prevent them from making some costly investment mistakes.


It appears that there are other belly fat books by Jorge Cruz as this one was a very short read and he kept referring the reader to check out his other books for some more information. Anyway this was still good enough and I picked up on some good information particularly from the interviews he has done with experts located at the end of the book.

Main Points

1. Weight gain is caused by excess carbohydrates and sugar so consume less than 120g of carbs and 16g of sugar daily.
2. Only count your carbs and sugar consumption not calories
3. A great snack is Dark Chocolate (75% and above) and Red Wine (Cabernet). Mmm I can imagine a combination of the two.

Lessons Learned

1. I now only eat whole foods not processed foods. My daily diet consists of legumes, vegetables, eggs, water and meat when the budget allows
2. I don’t eat wheat, sugar or dairy. One expert advised readers to stay away from foods made from flour and sugar.
3. Previously I thought I could eat as many vegetables and legumes as I wanted (following slow carb diet by tim Ferris) but I wasn’t losing weight. I think it may be because legumes and vegetables do have a lot of carbs so now I am counting the amount of carbs I eat even though the source is healthy
4. From one of the interviews I learned that I need to become the kind of woman that the kind of man I am looking for is interested in if I don’t want to end up alone at my 36 years of age 😊
5. There is a correlation between dishonesty and ill health. For optimum health be honest about who you are and what you have and you will live with less stress and ill health
6. No matter your financial situation keep your health insurance up to date


I think the book was good for me it was eye opening in terms of showing me how many carbs I was eating and that I need to reduce my carbs and increase my proteins. This may be challenging due to budgetary constraints but for the time being im eating a lot of eggs and omena to keep up my protein intake. I’ll come back with an update weekly to show if this diet works for me.

4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss

4 Hour Body is a book that is almost a decade old yet I only recently heard of it from a Tom Bilyeu video that I was watching. Tim Ferriss is a popular figure amongst millennials due to ground-breaking advice he offers through his podcasts, articles and books. I have never really read or applied anything of his, but he has been in my field of consciousness. I got an electronic copy of the book which many have referred to as an encyclopaedia on the human body. Its over 800 pages long and Tim recommends that one only reads the chapters relevant to their situation.

My first question was what a four-hour body is. Is it a body you get while working out 4 hours a week, 4 hours a month, 4 hours forever? Tim clarifies by saying that by following his guidelines you will get an amazing figure just from working out 4 hours in a month. Yep, this book is a hacker’s quick guide to achieving the best results in health, sex, sleep with the minimum amount of required effort.


For me, the most important part of the book was the slow carb diet recommended by Tim which he summarised as:

  1. Avoid White Carbohydrates (Wheat, Rice, Corn, Oats e.t.c)
  2. Stick to the same few meals over and over again
  3. Don’t drink Calories (Stick to water, black, sugarless coffee and tea)
  4. No Fruits
  5. One Binge Day per week

Simple enough to follow. The hard part for me to swallow was staying away from oats and brown rice and understanding the instructions for the cheat day. In fact, while the diet plan is straight forward, I found the rest of the book painful to read and hard to understand as Tim uses lots of technical terms and recommends items not easily available to poor old me in Kenya. Some of his stories and anecdotes were a bit cringey… especially the chapter on sex.


All in all this was an interesting read as one can discover the most effective diets, exercises, sex techniques etc as a lot of research has gone into this work both on Tim himself and on hundreds of test subjects. Unfortunately, a lot of the information is very technical and probably only actionable by someone with a coach that understands the science. The diet itself is easy to follow and I like the main premise of the book which is that you have to take personal responsibility for your health and track your results. When you master your physical self you can master everything else.